Green Concrete Technology

The worlds first commercially viable green cement concrete technology.

Building on over 80 years of industry wide concrete technology development and millions of yards of ternary and binary concrete mixtures, CeraTech's green cement technology takes concrete to the next level with 3-4x the durability of traditional concrete and unrivaled sustainability.

CeraTech's green cement system is comprised of a reactive fly ash and rapidly renewable liquid additives. When fly ash and CeraTech's additives are combined, the reactive alumino-silicates and crystalline hydraulic minerals in the fly ash are dissolved, a reactive hydrogel is generated and crystalline hydrates are formed. The formation of the crystalline hydrates cause set and strength development.

The hydration of CERATECH™ Cement results in an extremely dense, interlocking crystalline calcium aluminum silicate hydrate (CASH) structure (stratlingite). The CASH structure is well known to offer significant durability benefits over the typical calcium silicate hydrate (CSH) concrete widely utilized today.

CERATECH™ Green Cement technology offers the following inherent benefits:

  • Very Low Chloride Permeability
  • Exceptional Volume Stability
  • Mitigates ASR Attack
  • Resists Sulfate Attack
  • Resistant to MIC (Microbiologically Induced Corrosion)
  • Resistant to Chemical Attack
  • Resistant to Heat Exposure
  • Reduced Heat of Hydration
  • High Early Strengths Technology