Advantages For Contractors

CERATECH™ Green Cement Places and finishes like traditional concrete while offering increased productivity

Concrete construction contractor will see little difference in handling CeraTech™ Green Cement concretes compared to traditional portland cement concretes. Ceratech's concretes can be pumped, placed and finished in the same manner with the same tools and equipment as portland cement concrete mixes and they are safer to handle without risk of cement burns.

Concrete mix designs can be easily adjusted for warm or cold weather, slump and set times.

Concrete can be delivered in both standard drum transit trucks or volumetrically. Some of CeraTech's specialty cements can actually be site activated for remotely located projects or to facilitate unique project timelines.

CeraTech™ Green Cement concrete is self-drying, enabling coating with as early as 72-96 hours ensuring you can keep the job moving, leveraging the limited amount of shut down times available on industrial projects. Enhanced curing rates and high early strengths allow for vertical construction to begin much sooner in the construction timeline and facilitates rapid return to service of industrial assets.