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Heat Resistant Concrete Projects

FireROK™ Heat resistant cement concrete has been successfully utilized in a number of industrial & military applications to solve the recurring problem of portland cement concrete failure in an elevated temperature environment.

Powder Coating Oven Base

Bakersfield, California

A structural steel design-build company chose to utilize FireROK™ heat resistant concrete for their new powder coating oven base. The oven will heat steel components up to 800˚F for two hours at a time, repeating this process numerous times each day. FireROK™ was chosen for this application for its overall long term durability characteristics, heat resistance ( compressive strength retention) and lower costs ( approximately 50%) as compared to calcium aluminate based refractory type materials.

Molten Mineral Processing Facility

Houston, Texas, February 2012

FireROK Heat Resistant Concrete Molten Mineral Pit

A Houston based, oil refining company utilized over 130 cubic yards of FireROK™ for this molten salt pit. The concrete must withstand temperatures over 1,000°F for periods lasting over 20 seconds then dissipating tp 320°F over 8 hours.

Military Aircraft Engine Test Facility

USMC, North Carolina, March 2012

FireROK Heat Resistant Concrete Engine Test Pit

The United States Marine Corp specified FireROK™ for this military aircraft engine test pit. Over 200 cubic yards of FireROK™ concrete was used for its ability to withstand long-term, repeat testing of jet engines. Nozzle exhaust temperatures exceed 1,000°F.

Petroleum Drilling Product Manufacturer

Houston, Texas, December 2008

FireROK Heat Resistant Concrete for Powder Coating Oven Base

A Houston based manufacturer of drilling equipment for the petroleum industry specified FireROK™ for use as a base under a series of powder coating ovens. The base concrete would experience daily, 12 hour thermal cycling of temperatures up to 450°F. The slab required 56 cubic yards of concrete. Specifications called for compressive strengths of 4000 psi @ 28 days. FireROK's rapid curing rates enabled the concrete to reach this strength in just 4-6 hours. The steel erectors loved it, since they could start earlier than anticipated and potentially shorten the construction schedule.

Aluminum Manufacturing Plant

New Madrid, Missouri, December 2007

FireROK Heat Resistant Concrete for Aluminum Manufacturing

A Missouri based, aluminum producer utilized FireROK™ as an overlayment for the tap isles adjacent to smelting pots. Material specifications called for compressive strengths greater than 3000 psi and the ability to withstand thermal loading within 24 hours.

Military Aircraft Pad

Over 290 cubic yards of FireROK™ were placed at this military facility to accommodate the high temperature, downward jet thrusts of various military aircraft.