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Heat Resistant Concrete

FireROK™ heat resistant cement concrete has been engineered to produce a concrete that provides superior durability in environments subject to high thermal cycles and temperatures. FireROK™ cement concrete can withstand intermittent temperatures as high as 1000°C (1850°F) and sustained temperatures up to 300°C (570°F) without significant loss of strength.

Traditional portland cement concrete is principally comprised of a calcium silicate hydrate gel that begins to break down when exposed to temperatures above 120°C (250°F.) Portland cement concrete's low thermal conductivity and heat capacity produce internal stresses resulting in strength loss and related failures.

Alternatively, CeraTech's FireROK™ cement concrete is comprised of a dense interlocking network of crystalline calcium aluminosilicate hydrates that allow for twice the heat capacity and five times the thermal conductivity of typical cement concrete.

FireROK™ heat resistant cement concrete is being successfully utilized in industrial and military applications for both rapid repair and new construction.

Specify CeraTech's FireROK™ high performance, heat resistant cement concrete for your next project and realize reduced operational downtime, lower maintenance costs and extended infrastructure service life!

heat resistant cement

CERATECH™ cement concrete is batched, delivered, placed and finished using standard industry practices and protocols.

Heat resistant concrete