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RediROK™ High Performance Cement System for Structural Industrial Concrete

RediROK™ cement concrete utilizes SCM's as a 100% portland cement replacement. The use of SCM's facilitates a very low water:cement ratio and results in a rapid drying concrete with exceptional resistance to concrete degradation caused by exposures to sulfates and alkali's. RediROK™ cement concrete sets the durability standard for general use concrete, with 3-4 times the durability of typical portland cement concretes, all while offering the ability to apply coatings 48 - 72 hours after placement.

Recommended Uses:


RediROK™ is a general use concrete solution for a wide variety of demanding industrial concrete construction applications. RediROK™ enhanced durability and rapid drying characteristics will reduce costs associated with concrete maintenance and shorten shutdown times.

RediROK™ cement concrete is suitable for general use concrete applications in the industrial environment including: