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Green Concrete Durability Technology

CeraTech's unique green cement concrete technology produces concrete with the following enhanced durability characteristics

1. Lower Heat of Hydration

ekkomaxx™ green low carbon concrete produces substantially less heat than traditional cements minimizing the potential for cracking due to thermal stresses. In most cases secondary methods used for mitigating heat during curing can be eliminated, making ekkomaxx™ green concrete ideal for placements of mass concrete.

2. Corrosion Inhibition

ekkomaxx™ green concrete features very low to low permeability per ASTM C1202 (without any additional mix design modifications or addition of additives.) ekkomaxx™ green cement inherently inhibits chlorides from traveling through it's dense, crystalline matrix where it can initiate a corrosion cell on reinforcing steel, leading to costly deterioration and loss of structural integrity.

3. Enhanced Hydrocarbon & Chloride Resistance

ekkomaxx™ green concrete's very dense, discontinuous capillary system resists chloride and hydrocarbon penetration making ekkomaxx™ an ideal sustainable construction material choice for concrete exposed to vehicles and de-icing solutions.

5. Long Life
Concrete Pavements

ekkomaxx™ green cement concrete provides low permeability, exceptional freeze thaw, scaling and sulfate resistance coupled with an inherent immunity to an alkali silica reaction (ASR). This unique performance set combined with exceptionally low shrinkage and significantly less micro-cracking than traditional concretes makes ekkomaxx™ a durable and environmentally friendly cement choice for highway and airport concrete pavements.

4. Resistance To Microbially Induced Corrosion ( MIC )

Microbially Induced Corrosion creates severe deterioration of portland cement concrete in the wastewater environment.

ekkomaxx™ green cement concrete technology is inherently resistant to the corrosive effects of MIC because its base chemistry has greatly reduced quantities of calcium hydroxide and calcium silicate hydrates. These two minerals cause portland cement based concrete to fail when exposed to corrosive acids.