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High Strength Concrete. Sustainable Concrete.

CeraTech USA's ekkomaxx™ green concrete, high strength concrete represents the final destination of over 80 years of concrete technology development. Building on millions of yards of ternary and binary concretes, the ekkomaxx™ carbon neutral cement technology utilizes a non-portland, activated fly ash system that defines market leadership in concrete sustainability and durability.

ekkomaxx™ green cement concrete is a value added alternative to portland or calcium aluminate cement concrete for general use as well as specialized projects requiring cement types I/II, III or V.

ekkomaxx™ green cement concrete offers end users a set of performance advantages over traditional cement concretes such as cracked resistance, improved durability, corrosion resistance, high early strengths, improved volume stability, low heat of hydration and low retained moisture.

ekkomaxx™ environmentally friendly, low carbon is currently in use by customers ranging from the Department of Defense, state departments of transportation, port & turnpike authorities, industrial facilities and commercial construction companies.

ekkomaxx™ provides category leading sustainability as validated by Environmental Product Declarations (EPD's) and the concrete Product Category Rule (PCR) recently released by the Carbon Leadership Forum.

However, no existing standard is equipped to measure and recognize the profound number of sustainability benefits offered by CERATECH's™ Low Carbon Cements and Concretes. Whether one references LEED 3.0, 4.0, the concrete PCR, the 2030 Challenge, Executive Order's 13514, or 13423, ekkomaxx™ cement concrete exceeds them all.

This leadership in concrete sustainability is defined by class leading greenhouse gas CO2reduction, water & virgin resource preservation, 50% water saving, energy & landfill savings, all combined with a significant increase in concrete durability & service life.