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Self Drying Green Cement Concrete Technology

CeraTech Self-Drying green cement concrete enables early application of coatings and flooring adhesives.

CeraTech Cement concrete utilizes a very low W/C ratio of 0.18 to 0.24 and requires no water of convenience for ease of placement. During hydration of the CeraTech cement a significant portion of the water is consumed through crystalline stratlingite formation.

This rapid consumption of the limited available water facilitates application of non-breathable coatings and moisture sensitive flooring systems within a matter of days. Shorten costly shutdowns, and keep your fast track construction projects moving on critical path without concern for future coating or flooring failures due to moisture in the concrete.

CeraTech Green Cement Concrete Moisture Test Results

NT - Not tested, MVER - Moisture Vapor Emission Rate, RH - Relative Humidity, MC - Moisture Content
MC% - Moisture content provided as a point of reference, thus data is not typically cited with North American flooring systems

The ekkomaxx™ sample placed was 8" in thickness. Ambient temperatures during the test cycle were between 80 - 87°F, with ambient humidity from 32 - 49%.

*Verify Specific Product Requirements With Adhesive or Material Manufacturer