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Acid Resistant Concrete Durability Technology

CeraTech's KemROK™ cement paste is comprised of acid resistant crystalline hydrates. The calcium content of KemROK™ cement paste is very low and does not contain calcium hydroxide nor calcium silicate hydrates, (those components that are the site of acid attack in portland cement paste.) Combined, these attributes produce an exceptionally durable, chemically resistant concrete.

Typical Secondary
Acid Containment

In many cases, the use of KemROK™ eliminates the need for a protective epoxy coating. However, where an epoxy coating is required, use of KemROK™ will provide enhanced containment integrity (as the epoxy coating deteriorates) and shortens shutdown periods by accepting coatings within 3 days after placement.

Very similar specific gravity characteristics between cement and aggregates minimizes susceptibility for segregation, facilitates efficient placement and ensures a homogeneous, durable concrete.

KemROK™ cement exhibits exceptional bond strengths, enabling low permeability joints & enhanced performance of installed waterstops.

Very low water to cement ratio (0.18 - 0.22) and hydration mechanism facilitates successful coating applications within 3 days without blisters or bond failure.

Very low water to cement ratio (0.18 - 0.22) contributes to an extremely dense crystalline matrix, with a discontinuous capillary network that prevents the deteriorating ingress of caustic and corrosive chemicals, protecting the integrity of the concrete and reinforcing steel.

KemROK™ does not possess free calcium hydroxide which often forms expansive gypsum in voids around aggregates when exposed to acids and water that have penetrated portland cement concrete. This lack of Ca(OH)2 also provides inherent prevention of ASR, allowing for a broad choice of regional aggregates and increasing durability.