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Superior Heat Resistant Concrete

Improved Concrete Heat Capacity

FireROK™ cement concrete absorbs heat more slowly as it has twice the heat capacity than that of portland cement concrete. FireROK™ then dissipates this heat rapidly, reducing thermal stresses that contribute to loss in strengths and ultimately the structural integrity of concrete.

Exceptional Concrete Thermal Conductivity

CeraTech's FireROK™ cement concrete conducts heat 5 times faster than ordinary portland cement concrete, making it far less susceptible to cracking and spalling due to thermal stresses.

Thermal conductivity (K) testing followed ASTM D5334 - 08 Standard Test Method for Determination of Thermal Conductivity of Soil and Soft Rock by
Thermal Needle Probe Procedure.

Finite Element Analysis

The following data was developed to illustrate the differences between CeraTech's FireROK™ and portland cement concrete. The model consisted of a 6 ft. x 6 ft. x 12 inch slab. The slab had an initial temperature of 72°F and was subjected to a 60 second cycle of convective heat at 1000°F with a constant film coefficient of 15 W/m2K.

This analysis shows that CeraTech's FireROK™ cement concrete absorbed less heat and experienced lower tensile stresses than an equivalent volume of portland cement concrete under equal thermal loading.