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PCS Nitrogen in White Spring, Florida, recently completed a multiphase renovation of an existing concrete trench and receiver pit with CeraTech's chemical resistant KemROK™ cement concrete. The first phase of the project started in September 2014. After completing the project in June 2015, a total of 855 yds3 of KemROK™ concrete was placed.

Divided into three different segments, the project consisted of trench walls, bottom slabs, and pit walls. While concrete slumps were designed for easy placement at a 9-inch slump, 28-day compressive strengths averaged 5,800 psi for the project. While this slump would be considered high in a portland cement concrete, CERATECH™ Cement concretes typically have a 0.18 to 0.25 water to cement (W/C) ratio with 6 to 9-inch slumps.

In addition to the high 28-day strengths, speed of construction was increased with average compressive strengths of 3,700 psi at 3-days and 4,500 psi at 7-days. Early strength gains aided in stripping concrete formwork faster, allowing less plant downtime for the greatest savings to the owner.

Concrete was typically pumped into place as shown in this section of trench construction.
Completed pit walls show the scale of the project for unloading rail cars at the PCS Nitrogen plant in White Spring, Florida.