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Cannon Muskegon, evolving into the "C-M Group" of specialists offers nickel base super alloys, cobalt base alloys, and stainless steels. Because "Investment Casters" demand the best of both worlds: quality and consistency, they turn to the C-M Group. Under the trusted name of Cannon Muskegon, they supply the investment casting industry with engineered products.

Cannon Muskegon demands high performance products, including when specifying high performing, durable concrete. Because of the success from working with FireROK™ cement concrete in 2013, Cannon Muskegon specifies CeraTech's thermal resistant brand of cement for all of their high temperature resistant concrete applications. Their specifications on this project required CeraTech's FireROK™ concrete to withstand intermittent temperatures of approximately 1,500 degrees F, in addition to reducing plant downtime. FireROK™ is rated for 570 degrees F (24/7) and 1850 degrees F (15 min. to 30 min. intermittent) temperatures as a structural concrete so temperatures were not an issue.

Additionally, project requirements required the concrete floors to be back in service within 7-days following placement. Because all CERATECH™ Cement concrete brands have a 0.18 to 0.25 water to cement (W/C) ratio, they cure (dry) faster so damage from high temperatures at an early age is not an issue as with portland cement concrete.

Cannon Muskegon's specifications called for 4,000 psi in 28-days, but strengths needed to meet the demands of a slab going into service in 7-days. Test results taken during the placement showed 7-day strengths of 4,300 psi and 28-day strengths of 5,180 psi, well exceeding project specifications for strength and temperature resistance.