Release of the "industry average EPD for concrete" by the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA) confirms CeraTech's sustainability advantages over portland based products.

"Independently verified earlier this year, our EPD for ekkomaxx™ concrete showed impressive results," stated Jon Hyman, CeraTech's President and CEO. He added, "Now that NRMCA has published this summary we can objectively compare the numbers and show just how significant the environmental benefits are for ekkomaxx™ concrete in comparison to portland cement concretes."

A quick comparison of the reductions in each key measurement category for ekkomaxx™ versus portland cement concretes:

  • Total Primary Energy Reduction by 70%
  • Water Reduction by 47%
  • Global Warming Potential (Climate Change) Reduction by 85%
benchmarks comparison

It is important to note that ekkomaxx™ concrete has already surpassed Architecture 2030's, "The 2030 Challenge for Products" initiative. Goals of the 2030 Challenge for Products' call for an embodied carbon-equivalent footprint reduction of 50% or better in 2030. ekkomaxx™ concrete exceeds the 2030 Challenge for Products by a staggering 70%, more than 16 years ahead of the target date!

CeraTech's Environmental Product Declaration for ekkomaxx™ concrete enables architects, leading engineering/design firms, producers, and contractors to independently substantiate and confirm the tremendous environmental differences between portland and non-portland cement technologies. The sustainability measures of ekkomaxx™ will contribute to points under both the U.S Green Building Council's LEED system, and the Envision™ sustainability rating system maintained by The Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure.